Outside Play and the Natural World

At Upper Knapp Farm we place special emphasis on the importance of the natural world in shaping child development. Direct experience of the complexity of the natural world involving smells, sounds, textures, colours and visual beauty help instill a sense of connectedness and well-being so important in childhood.


We have created several different spaces for children to engage with and challenge as they develop:

  • the Woodland Walk, which involves the children negotiating a rough path up a wooded slope and, via over-hanging trees, to emerge at the..
  • top garden with a willow tunnel and a pear tree, raspberries they can pick and shrubs they can smell and where they can sit in a group for some quiet time in the..
  • thatched gazebo
  • the children are given hands-on experience of growing vegetables and fruit in the..
  • Vegetable Patch where there is also an insect 'hotel' to entice the enquiring mind..
  • and a place of peace and calm to enjoy before excercising off that excess energy in the..
  • bottom garden on the climbing frames and swings